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GM – Election Lessons for Safety (2016)

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Aug 2016

Election Lessons for Safety

Picture: local elections logo


The dust hasn’t quite settled yet, but it is nevertheless a good time for me to put on my safety hat and, once again, share my views with you on the recent elections. There are some safety lessons we can learn.

The outcome was, to a certain extent, determined by the campaign strategy. The ANC campaigned to retain its position and not lose control rather than going out to win and strengthen its position. The DA campaigned for change, a good strategy when your current climate is one of high dissatisfaction with the status quo. The EFF campaigned for the poor and marginalised. Their ticket was one of hope for a better future for those who have nothing to lose.

So, here are the lessons:

  • If you run your safety campaigns with the aim of not doing worse than before, you are on the wrong track. Trying to beat the previous record is just more of the same. A campaign for change, improvement and hope is the one that will get you voters’ buy-in.
  • Beautiful election manifestos, full of undertakings and promises, are just that – beautiful pieces of paper. Like your safety policy, they are meaningless and likely to end up windswept or in the dustbin unless you step up to the challenge and put the words into action.


  • Look at your safety campaigns. What is the message to your “voters”? Seriously, if your employees were to “vote for safety”, how well would you do?
  • Look at your safety policy. How well is it adhered to? Is it just looking pretty on the wall so that you can earn that tick at the next audit?


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

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GM – Water and Women in Rail n Safety Conference

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Sep 2016

Today, I have 2 matters which I wish to speak about, so I will keep each one short, but that is by no means an indication of the importance that I attach to both.


1.  Running Water

Picture: water


Recently, we spent a week at a private game lodge, in the tented camp, right in the middle of the bushveld. It was a most enriching experience for us to be able to get back to nature. The peace and quiet of the bush really makes one appreciate the environment. At this time of the year, especially during current times of drought, the veld is dry and the ground hungry for water, but the rains are still far away.

We had access to water in a can and hand basin, as well as a shower, although it provided only a low-pressure trickle of water. We were pleasantly surprised at how much less water one uses under these circumstances. This experience gave me a new appreciation for how precious water really is in this country. Many of us who have running water take it for granted and forget how easy it is to abuse water usage as a result!


Look at where you are using running water.
Apart from doing the basics required by law, what can you do NOW to save water?  These are things we should be doing all the time for the future sustainability of our planet, not only when there is a drought or low-rain situation.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this list of more than 100 ways to save water.  There are bound to be at least a few suggestions there that you haven’t thought of / implemented yet!


2.  Conference: Women in Rail and Safety


I highly recommend this ‘golden’ (or should I say ‘purple’?) opportunity for all women who receive my safety tips, as well as all of you who employ women in a safety role!

The speaker lineup and content has me thinking about sneaking into the venue and taking up a low profile, back row seat.

Picture: Women in Rail and Safety Conference 2016: covering workplace human factors of (1) shift work and its effects on women, (2) obesity, (3) lifestyle diseases, (4) functional capacity, (5) overall health and wellness, (6) cracked glass ceiling, (7) professionalism and ethics, (8) surviving in a male-dominated environment, (9) dealing with workplace harassment as a safety issue, (10) health and safety in the workplace.

For details and registration, you can look at the article on SHEQAfrica. Contact names and details are provided there.


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

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GM – World Safety and Health Day at Work 2016

++  WORLD HEALTH  &  SAFETY AT WORK DAY  +  28 April 2016  ++
Mar 2016

What is your total cost of absenteeism? I know one of your dashboard figures is most probably injuries and damages, but subtract that from the total cost of absenteeism, and you’ll find that the remainder is the cost of wellness. Now you might say: “That’s not my problem, that’s HR’s problem”, but you’d be wrong. There’s a direct link between safety and wellness: employee health -> productivity -> injuries -> absenteeism  [1].



A Collective Challenge

graphic depicting workplace stress


Some stats:

  • Absenteeism costs the SA economy around R12-16 billion per year.
  • On average 15-30% of staff could be absent on any given day. Take your annual salary bill and do the sums!
  • One day’s absence can cost a company 3 days’ worth of salary  [2].
  • 2 out of 3 employees who fail to show up for work aren’t physically ill. There are a whole host of reasons  [2], with stress and sleep disorders being the “top cause of lost work time”.

The theme for the upcoming World Safety and Health Day, on 28 April 2016, is:

graphic showing World Day for Safety and Health at Work - 28 April 2016

The abstract below, from the ILO site  [3], details the issue of stress very nicely. Your HR / Wellness people should be able to relate to this:

Today, many workers are facing greater pressure to meet the demands of modern working life. Psychosocial risks such as increased competition, higher expectations on performance and longer working hours are contributing to the workplace becoming an ever more stressful environment. With the pace of work dictated by instant communications and high levels of global competition, the lines separating work from life are becoming more and more difficult to identify. In addition, due to the significant changes labour relations and the current economic recession, workers are experiencing organizational changes and restructuring, reduced work opportunities, increasing precarious work , the fear of losing their jobs, massive layoffs and unemployment and decreased financial stability, with serious consequences to their mental health and well-being.

And it’s not only in the office but also in the plants, as highlighted in David’s story in the DHHS publication, “Stress at Work”  [4]:

The nature of work is changing at whirlwind speed. Perhaps now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to the health of workers and, in turn, to the health organizations. For weeks David had been plagued by aching muscles, loss of appetite, restless sleep, migraine headaches and a complete sense of exhaustion. At first he tried to ignore these problems, but eventually he became so short-tempered and irritable that his wife insisted he get a check-up. He told the doctor: ‘Since the reorganization, nobody feels safe. It used to be that as long as you did your work, you had a job. That’s not for sure anymore. They expect the same production rates even though two guys are now doing the work of three. We’re so backed up I’m working twelve-hour shifts six days a week. I swear I hear those machines humming in my sleep. Guys are calling in sick just to get a break. Morale is so bad they’re talking about bringing in some consultants to figure out a better way to get the job done.’


Here is your chance to do something about safety and health in your workplace.

I’m not putting any pressure on you (just giving you a gentle push) … 28 April is around the corner.  It’s an ideal opportunity for you to call me in to do my presentation addressing Safety and Workplace Stress. I’m your guy!  [5]

[1]   “Absenteeism Management“, OCSA

[2]   “Causes and Costs of Absenteeism in the Workplace“, Forbes

[3]   ILO: World Day for Safety & Health at Work

[4]   “Stress at Work“, CDC, DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 99-101

[5]   Re-energise & sustain your safety, health & wellness efforts


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

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GM – Pay Back the Money

♦♦♦    Pay Back The Money    ♦♦♦

Nkandla Lessons (#2)

The subject here is investigations (not politics or the behaviour of people / parties in parliament). Nonetheless, there is one thing to be said for young, outspoken Julius Malema. He promised in his election campaign that “parliament will never be the same again” and that “we will represent the worker”. He is most definitely delivering on his promises with his red overall brand and challenging the ruling party on all fronts!

picture of newspaper article entitled Pay Back the Money

The fundamental lessons that one can learn from the Nkandla[1] saga in terms of investigations are:

  • A problem does not go away because it is ignored.
  • Don’t hide behind “we are waiting on the investigation / report”.
  • Investigations are best done by an independent, unbiased and trusted resource.
  • Launching a new investigation because you don’t like the outcome of a previous investigation will only make matters worse.
  • Follow the 3F-Principle. Investigations should be done Fast. They should be Fair to all parties concerned and the action taken should be Firm.
  • For an investigation to be credible, there should be transparency and full disclosure.

Furthermore the parties involved have to take responsibility for their actions and decisions and face the consequences.

Unfortunately, in the last 20 years or so, the involvement of legal teams in incident investigations has bedevilled the real objective of safety investigations, i.e. to find the root causes and take action to prevent a re-occurrence. Instead, enquiries bear more resemblance to court cases, where people and companies feel prosecuted / threatened and hence have the need for a solid defence in their corner[2].

[1]   NKANDLA is a new project management acronym which stands for:
                Nobody  Knows  Anything  Nothing  Done  Like  Agreed

[2]   Marikana and the ‘Arms Deal’ are two shining examples of this.


  • Follow the 3F-Principle for incident investigations in your company. Do the investigation Fast, be Fair to all involved and be seen to be Firm.
  • Make the outcome of the investigation known to all employees and act promptly on the recommendations.


Oscar’s Defence

Your Safety Nkandla


As always, I welcome your comments and feedback!

Copyright: Jürgen Tietz
Terms of Use

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SCnSP – Vote for Safety


In this series, I share with you my thoughts on Why Safety Is An Issue For Most Companies. One of the Things We Must Address If We Want To Improve Our Safety Performance is to get employees to fully commit to safety because they know they are empowered to make a difference when it comes to safety in the workplace. COOL TOOL™ Vote For Safety™ is a most effective process to achieve just this.

COOL TOOL™ Vote For Safety™

A Process of Engaging All Your Employees

Now is the right time to ride on the wave of election fever. Political parties of all shapes and sizes were abuzz trying to woo voters. The streets are still plastered with papers, posters and promises; flags, banners and T-shirts could be seen everywhere; campaigns, rallies and toyi-toyi were the order of the day; manifestos, interviews and empty rhetoric in the media. More than enough.

However, there is a positive spin-off for us safety practitioners. We can use this political model and the energy created and channel that into safety.

Why do we vote?

Each one of us believes it is our right and civil duty to contribute to who and how the country is run. Most of us trust our vote will make a difference. This is the springboard for safety. Employees must be empowered (and know they are empowered) to make a difference in safety. The best way to empower people is to give them Einspruchsrecht – the right to partake in decisions which affect them, especially in safety.

picture of Cool Tool Vote for Safety with people at the voting booths
picture of Cool Tool Vote for Safety with people at the ballot boxes

The COOL TOOL™ Vote For Safety™ is a most effective process to achieve just this.

We don’t have to train people how to vote. The IEC has done that for us already. We can engage everyone, from the shopfloor to the boardroom. People know that each vote carries the same weight, whether it is the CEO’s or the janitor’s.

Voting is the ultimate way of hearing the people’s voice. The cherry on the top is that, through voting, we can get commitment to safety“We voted for this!”

Using Vote For Safety™, we empower the SHE Reps to become active safety employees. The outcome of the voting lays a powerful foundation to develop a set of non-negotiables and / or for input into a safety improvement program / strategy.

picture saying Take Action and showing a Cool Tool Vote for Safety poster
  • Go to the S.H.E. ATM to watch the COOL TOOL™ Vote For Safety™ video clip and get more information. See what participants have to say about it while you’re there.
  • Brief the management about the concept of Vote For Safety™ and ensure their buy-in. This includes the need for them to take this effort seriously, for absolute transparency and their unconditional acceptance of the results of the voting.
  • Set an election date and ensure that people are given time to go and vote on that day.
  • Brief all employees about Vote For Safety™ – what is the purpose and management’s commitment to the process – WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO and HOW.
  • Appoint a champion / owner who must assemble a team of election officials, observers, etc. and thus drive the process. This is best done by empowering the SHE Reps to elect the “Chief Safety Election Officer” and “Safety Election Officials”. The safety officers should take up the “Safety Election Observer / Advisor” role.
  • The ballot paper is critical to the voting process. Agree on the outcome of the voting process and how to structure the ballot paper.

    Contact me to help you** facilitate Vote For Safety™ and empower the “Chief Safety Election Officer” (She Rep) to present the ballot paper to management for sign off.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome! Drop me a line!

Copyright: Jürgen Tietz
** COOL TOOL™ Vote for Safety™ Process: All rights reserved.

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Vote for Safety™ Process



Vote for Safety by Jurgen Tietz

In order to make the motto “Safety First” a reality in an organization, employees must be empowered (and know they are empowered) to make a difference in safety.

One of the ways to empower people is to give them “Einspruchsrecht” – the right to partake in decisions which affect them, including safety.

COOL TOOL™ VOTE FOR SAFETY™ is a registered process by means of which management provides all employees with the opportunity to add value to safety efforts. It starts with a poster campaign and culminates in a voting day where all employees cast a vote for safety.

The VOTE FOR SAFETY™ process gets all employees engaged in safety. It is driven by elected safety representatives and the key is the ballot paper.

Presentations & Workshops







VUKA! VUSA! Wake Up! Rise up! Boot Camp by eKhuluma and impleX

Lots of rules and regulations.

Change procrastination and disinterest into PRO-ACTIVE ACTION.



These are always customised based on the client’s needs with respect to objectives, desired results, safety logos, safety slogans and more. One or more of the following elements are incorporated, depending on what the client wants and the target audience.


Leadership in Safety

THE POWER OF A DREAM™ Leadership Bootcamp

LEADERS: This is for you! –
Learn about what it takes to achieve WORLD CLASS SAFETY.


Vote for Safety by Jurgen Tietz




Mirror Technique by Jurgen Tietz


Mirror, mirror, on the wall –
The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY, with feedback.


Mirror Technique by Jurgen Tietz


You only live once? False. You live every day. You only DIE once.


Jurgen Tietz - Safety Clock


12 Rules of Behaviour, around the clock.


Jurgen Tietz - Safety Man


Demonstrating the many roles & responsibilities of the SHE practitioner.


Safety VIPs are Croc Hunters

The CROCODILE’S TALE Presentation

So what does the CROCODILE have to do with SAFETY?


Jurgen Tietz - Safety Song


Build up team spirit & safety camaraderie.





RETRENCHMENT & Post-retrenchment

For the ‘survivors’



Leadership & teamwork (Ibhubesi = The Lion)



Habits, Paradigms, Self-esteem & Self-influencing

Product Feedback




DIY AIDS Awareness Product

Probably the best campaign in this regard I have ever seen. Jurgen Tietz is a star at connecting subjects to people in novel ways.

Bruce Mills, COO, Kaizen SHEQ

Thank you Jurgen for sharing with us the amazing work you do. The learning will sure stay with me.

Metse Mphelo

Thank you for the eye opener session.

Thoki Ndlovu

UJ Wellness Champions

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DIY SAFETY™ Product Range

Ashley McLeod, Senior GM, Assmang Chrome, Machadodorp Works

Edwin Zimu, Safety Officer, Assmang Chrome, Machadodorp Works

Moses Jele, Chief Safety Election Officer, Assmang Chrome, Machadodorp Works

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I have used your Daily Safety Dose™ tool on several occasions with specific reference to Process Safety hazards and the results were nothing less than awesome …

Chris Oosthuizen, Assistant Manager SHE: Process Safety

Petro Janse van Vuuren, Playing Mantis SA

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We started to make use of the above product in 2009 with great success. We use it for our weekly Toolbox Talk sessions. The plant guys are very keen to join these sessions as we have lots of fun. Very good, and sometimes unusual ideas come from these discussions. We all look forward to the 30-40 minutes every week.

Thank you to Jurgen for this great product. I can honestly recommend it to any company planning to have fun while doing SHEQ Awareness.

Ilse Broodryk, QUESH Coordinator

These SHE Induction Kits are awesome … A definite winner and the ultimate induction trainer.

Our Trainer is thrilled about this COOL TOOL™ as it helps him to put the safety message across in simple terms to those who ‘push the buttons and use the tools’!

Thank you Jürgen, for a truly remarkable COOL TOOL™ which created a quantum leap in safety, not only for our newcomers, but for all our staff.

Nick Cavalieratos, HSEC Manager

I have added the Electrical tools to the toolbox, and give an example of an item and challenge the rest of the workshop to “better” my input on safety. I’m sure that with what you gave me and the toolbox, I’ll reach the “ZERO target” for the year.

Fred Behr, Hi Quality Electrical

I showed my wife the Toolbox and it has motivated her to be more safety conscious for herself and our little daughter. The Toolbox will definitely assist me, in fact it has already been of assistance with my safety talk on Friday. To take something practical and simple and draw so many ideas and comparisons out of it is astounding.

Dirk Visser, Omnia Fertilizer

Listen to how Willie Boshoff & Mac MacKenzie put the toolkit to work:

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I took time to read the Magazine you gave to me from cover to cover – amazing safety tips there !!!

Nonhlanhla Dimba, Risk Specialist: Legal & Compliance

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The safety cookies with the message were appreciated by all. Surely, safety is not about luck but is about doing things right the first time.

MS Jappie, Power Station Manager

Thank you for the excellent safety cookies we have received.

On the first of every month we hand out safety topics at the entrance to all shifts, and we used that opportunity to give the safety cookies to the people at the same time. … It was received very positively and people were very interested …

Burnstone Mine - queueing up for Jurgen's Safety Cookies

You can see it was a cold, wet morning, but people were queueing up to get their cookies.

Ragel Weyers

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Literacy is a huge concern in SA … I have used your toolbox talks in KZN and it benefited us alot.

Letisha van den Berg, SHE Mgr

What a powerful, simple way of demonstrating how employees can change their behaviors towards safety. The content of the CD’s is not fiction, but the real things that happened and are still happening around us.

It is also a simple tool that I use for my safety meetings in my team and you will be amazed to see how the team reacts to some of the clips that have been professionally selected.

I would really recommend that any supervisor must own one of these toolbox.

Nelson Sipho Soka, Section Engineer

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BOOK: Life EduAction

Thank you very much for the gift of your book. … I really appreciate [it] and all the excellent work that you have done at our operations. As you probably know, I deal with hundreds of consultants and there is but a handful that understand / ascribe to the principle of good faith. It is a privilege to know somebody like you with whom one can interact and do business in good faith and trust.

Joe Schoeman, Div SHEQ Manager

If you really want perspective on how to deal with day to day issues and also want to enhance your self esteem & broaden your horizon I recommend you buy yourself this book. I won it in a competition and am halfway through it. The problem is that it is so ‘d*mn’ interesting that you can’t put it down. The references are also something you will not find easily.

Theo Fourie

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… [It] has proved to be a most useful tool in setting up my own business.

I found the list to be comprehensive and to the point, also touching on matters that are easily overlooked. Being a creative individual rather than a strategic thinker, following the list enabled me to framework my ideas and put together a workable business plan that was well structured and logical.

Your feedback and advice was crucial in fine-tuning the business plan and I truly appreciate your time and effort. I trust that my business will be a success and I’d like you to know that you have definitely played a fundamental part in accomplishing this.

Petra Bierberg, Petra Jewellery Design

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Safety Tips & Articles Feedback



“Yebo baba”: Your emails always keep me going and make me want to do more in my field of safety. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Norman Thela, Transnet


“I am no longer full time employed in the safety field. Having said that, I honestly enjoy your safety e-mails and you have never failed to amaze me with your brilliant ideas. So, this is simply a few lines to say; Well done!  Keep it up!  I enjoy it!

Des Meyer, Road To SHEQ


I greatly appreciate the exciting safety tips and I do share them with my line managers and staff as well at all times.

Rhulani Mathebula, Maintenance Manager


The implementation of your safety tips has resulted in a significant reduction in safety incidents. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Cecil Cordiglia, Safety Officer


Thank you for the Safety Tips … they are timeless, one can use them over and over again.

Henk van der Kuip, SHERQ Manager


I am truly inspired by your passion for safety, keep up the exceptional work in leading us as safety professionals in our endeavour to attain Zero Harm at work and at home.

Peter Granville May, Senior Advisor Fire Risk and Emergency Management


I have always found your articles very informative / interesting !  Please continue to send them to me !

Keith Westermeyer

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Re: Do Not Disturb the Crime (Accident) Scene

… It is always a pleasure to hear from you. It is amazing how you link everyday issues with safety, simply perfect. I am learning so much from you.

Kekeletso Selepe

Re: Your Safety Dream

What I was reading … is simple, interesting and implementable.

Tiyani Hlabangwane, Exec Manager: Safety

Re: The Rot Starts at the Top

Baie insigewend. Ek stuur dit met plesier aan … BRING IT ON!

Attie Pieterse

This is wow information regarding safety at work … Continue to preach it my friend.

Patrick Bhiya, “Zero Harm” Ambassador

I forwarded your latest newsletter to my Director, appointed MR for Health & Safety, Mr. Clive Reucassel, and he has printed some of the info on your download and is extremely impressed.

Theo Fourie, SHEQ Manager

Re: Discipline and Passion in Safety

I just wish to extend my utmost appreciation for all of the information that you are sharing with me. Your recent article on discipline is very much an issue that I face here with regards to safety compliance. We have a major problem with self-discipline, and discipline in general. … Keep sending them, and I will keep sharing the message.

Darryl Baillie, SHE Facilitator

I found your approach quite interesting and believe this is the approach of the future.

Kreason Naicker

Re: The Hidden Power of Good Housekeeping

Keep up your safety tips and hints. I enjoy acting on them and have previous ones on file.

Gertie de Meyer

Re: 10 Myths About Safety

… It is great to receive diverse approaches especially from experienced and knowledgeable professionals …

Kreason Naicker

Your thoughts and views about safety are so encouraging and will surely improve the safety performance of my people that I’m working with.

Addy Simelane

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Re: Is This A Circus?

… useful tips … indeed appreciated.

Letlatsa Tseka, Snr Safety Advisor

Re: Going to Waste

You keep on surprising me with your amazing selection and broad spectrum of topics & safety subjects …

Hans T, “passionate about nature”

Re: Safety Calendar

Keep up the excellent work you are doing.

Theo C Haupt, Director: Building Construction Science

Thank you for the excellent monthly newsletter. For starters I used the Safety number. It really worked for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you and looking forward to more good safety newsletters in 2012.

Tia Mbazima, Integrated Risk

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Re: Progress

Amen to this tip.

The story [Change Just in Time] is very good … Info is very relevant to what we are experiencing at the moment. Some of the suggestions you make I have introduced or reinstated again.

Dalene Smith, TSHE Manager

Re: Problems

You have inspired me. You gave me a new dimension to Health & Safety.

Cecil Cordiglia, Safety Officer

“Our Breadwinners arrive at work with all their limbs.
My aim is to ensure they go home with all their limbs, every day.”

Re: Preparation

Thank you for the valuable tip.

Being proactive and implementing the tips you have provided, I have been able to conduct Health & Safety on the current site without as much as a first aid case being recorded.

The main principle I have adopted from one of your meetings was: Health & Safety must come from the heart to the head. This is the principle that can never fail.

Your information if applied, can prevent incidents as your topics place you one step ahead in the proactive approach being adopted.

Cecil Cordiglia, Safety Officer

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Re: Pay Back the Money

As always I admire your out of the box thinking and inspiring safety articles. These keep one thinking and put things into perspective.

Xolile Myoyo, SHE Manager

Re: SAFETY FEVER! – Let Nature Guide You

You could not have said it better. I really enjoy your editions and it is value added to our projects.

Frans Durand, Safety Manager

… very true message.

Pieter Ferreira, BU SHE Manager Operations

… always good to read your articles!

Boyan Tomic, Divisional Manager

I have been receiving your newletter now for a few years and have never responded. This does not man that I do not appreciate your thoughts and communications. Your Spring Fever triggered me into wanting to say ‘Keep up the good work’

Delene Sheasby, OHS Practitioner, Assessor and Facilitator


Very inspiring.

Happy Nkgadima


Silondiwe Nene

Excellent observation and reaction.

Alain d Woolf

I like your tips and approach to safety.

Bruce Moyo

I wish to thank … you for including my name in your distribution list.

It is indeed hugely appreciated. It boggles my mind of how quick you managed to adapt the recent GUPTA roadshow to leadership? I am in no doubt (having attended your speeches in the past) that you are a genius when it comes to motivating people. Keep up the good work and keep them coming.

Letlatsa Tseka

Re: Safety Message

It is always a pleasure to receive inspiring messages from you and as the best safety GURU. I take so much from you and relay the messages to my team and it helps. Looking forward to the next safety tip from you.

Kekeletso Selepe

Re: Under The Knife

Thank you for the inspiring messages. Very motivating indeed and with a practical example.

Makwena Mashaba

Re: World Safety Day 2012 Reminder

I really find your safety tips very helpful in the working environment where we need to constantly focus on safety in the workplace.

Anlie Smith

Re: It’s My Mistake

This is invaluable!

Theo C Haupt, Director: Building Construction Science

[This] actually means a lot to me as I’m thinking of buying myself a Motorbike to go to work with. Safety is definitely something I will have to think a lot about, and getting the correct PPE!

Cameron Gray, Assistant Engineer

… Fascinated by your article and circulated to all my line Management.

Gertie de Meyer

We all tend to look for someone to blame when things go wrong. This is human nature – it is in our genes. When Adam was confronted by God he blamed Eve and Eve blamed the snake – so blame fixing is as old as mankind. The hardest thing is to look at the three fingers pointing bank to you when you point one towards someone else.

Thanks once again for your very encouraging newsletters.

Theo Fourie, SHEQ Manager

Re: How To Eat An Elephant

I wish I had this approach when I started to implement systems (14001, 18001). Because of over optimistic deadlines and pressure from management, the short cuts taken to achieve the deadlines are still biting us!

Juno, D & R Manager

Re: What Is On Your Calendar?

I always link you to Safety.

Ricky du Preez

Having seen your work at Coalsafe and having interacted with you when I hosted the Tweefontein Roadshow, I feel privileged to be included on your mailing list.

Pravin Chetty, General Manager

Thanks for taking care of us.

Thomson Cupertea

Thank you for your regular safety topics and information.

Rudy Raath, Mine Manager

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Safety-Related Articles & Information by Jürgen

Terms of Use





Highlighting the Safety Lessons one can learn from current affairs and during commemorative events.

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A collection of Simply Smart Safety Tips focusing on keeping our personnel, families and communities safe.

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In this series I share with you my thoughts on ‘Why Safety is an Issue for Most Companies’, or, putting it differently, ‘Things we Must Address if we Want to Improve our Safety Performance’.

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This series aims to help safety practitioners and company leadership to increase safety awareness amongst personnel. It’s based on the concept that if you do just one thing a month to change the safety mind-set, in one year you will have done 12 things to raise safety awareness.

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The purpose of this series is to give struggling-but-eager SHE professionals and practitioners, who are working for financially-constrained companies, pointers on how to get the safety awareness message across to both management and workers, on a shoestring budget.

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A collection of  Simply Smart Safety Tips  covering a range of safety-related topics.


eKhuluma croc iconeKhuluma croc iconeKhuluma croc icon




Thank you for respecting the fact that this is my intellectual property

Having said that …

I want you to get maximum leverage and mileage from my Safety Tips. So, you may copy and use my Safety Tips and web content as long as you include the following credit:

“Excerpted from Jürgen Tietz’ Simply Smart Safety!™ Tips
available from the S.H.E. ATM at”

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