When Safety Is Top Priority

Picture it … Lots of windows. No curtains. No stage.

And there’s me – needing all that goes with a talk that relies on technology and people being able to see me and what’s being shown on the screen.

As it turned out, I had a very determined “crew” watching my back. Neither Aldo, nor anyone else in the team at Assmang Chrome, Machadodorp, was going to let any of this stop them from getting their message across that: 

So out came the black plastic, tape and pallet …  – and, no, it wasn’t a “Cinderella” transformation, but it was all we needed. I got my “dark room” and my stage, and (WOW!) a chair for my “boxer in the corner” MC intro. Even the power failure during one of the sessions didn’t dampen the spirits of the delegates.


When you’re serious about safety, you make any plan to speak to the troops and drum up support for safety. 


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