A Safety Lesson in a Mud Trench

I sometimes have to go to places out in the sticks. Recently I went to the Assmang smelter in Machadodorp.

It was raining and on my way back to the Old Mill Hotel, disaster struck!  As I turned into the drive the front wheels disappeared into a muddy trench.

There I was, in pouring rain, wheels spinning, stuck and going nowhere. 

I did not know, nor see, that a trench, which had been dug to replace a water pipe, had not been compacted or covered. Alas for me, that was only done afterwards = too late for me!

The hotel staff saw my dilemma and, thanks to Harry and Thokozani, my car was rescued from the pit.

== The Safety Perspective ==

There were no warning signs or barriers.

== The Safety Lesson ==

Even at home, do the safe thing.

The consequences of not doing so can be much worse than what they were for me in this incident.

 Be safe – the SIMPLY SMART way,


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