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Being self-employed means I have to make sure everything gets done. However, that doesn’t mean I have to do everything myself. It is a poor investment in time if I do things which someone else can do for me – steals time from those things which only I can do. I have to focus on those things I do best and for which I have the skills and expertise that others do not.

Usually, this isn’t a big issue in a corporate set up, because there are many service and support functions. Nevertheless, we should all examine how and on what we spend our time.

So often we get to the end of the day, tired and exhausted, because we have been so busy ‘doing things’ – but what have we really accomplished? Often, it turns out we could have finished some of the important things if only we had not been caught up in all the ‘urgent’ things others could have done for us.

For example: Instead of me driving across town to collect or deliver an item, I make use of a courier company. Sure, on the face of it, it costs me more. However, the savings in time and effort alone are priceless.

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