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I am a great believer in FOCUS by doing and FINISHING one thing at a time – see my current group mail series Do One (Safety) Thing This Month.

I have a habit of preparing important proposals and customizing my presentations at night. That is the best time for me to set aside a few hours, concentrate on the task at hand, and finish it. If I try to do these during the day, with all the interruptions, it takes me twice as long and the likelihood that I will make mistakes increases. 

If you are employed in a corporate setup, you can do it too – set aside time in your diary, ‘take the phone off the hook’, set your e-mail to offline and then focus on the important task you need to get done.

I have done it for years and it works. You just have to teach subordinates and colleagues, as well as your boss, to respect your Focus Time!

Let me know if you’d like my Habit Poster and be sure to read Tony Schwartz’ blog post The Magic of Doing One Thing At a Time for more on this technique.

Be safe – the SIMPLY SMART way,


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