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Plant a tree – from sapling to giant

Jurgen's sapling

There is an old Chinese saying: ‘You will have succeeded in life if you have raised a son, planted a tree and written a book.’

There is such a lot of wisdom in this saying. I know the feeling of planting a tree and then seeing the sapling grow into a 20 meter giant of a tree. Not only is it enriching to see this growth, but it does a lot of good to the environment. I have planted 13 trees on my property, the 2000 square meters of mother earth which I own. This gives me a real sense of making a difference to the environment and I often sit on my garden bench, in the shade of one of these giants.

Jurgen's giant

Planting trees is the cheapest way that every one of us can contribute to enriching our environment. Just imagine if each of the 50 million inhabitants of South Africa planted one tree in their life time! Now that would surely be caring for the ENVIRONMENT.


Use TREE PLANTING as a tool to reward people in your company. Find areas in your business premises, like walkways and parks, where you can plant trees. Make an occasion out of it and arrange for each tree to get a name plate with the details of the reward and the person receiving it. Publish an article in the company newsletter. Don’t leave the tree planting for only once a year on Arbor Day. Make a ruling that for every tree you have to cut down, you will plant five new trees on your business premises!


Planting trees brings with it the responsibility for nurturing the saplings and pruning the growth – the same as we should do with our safety efforts and systems – nurture the growth.


Your paper footprint – environmental murder?

Be safe – the SIMPLY SMART way,


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