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If you do just one thing a month to change the safety mind-set, in one year you will have done 12 things to raise safety awareness. This month I share with you a Safety Tip from the Plant & Machinery category of my Knock-Out Safety Tips!™.

THIS MONTH:    Ban This Spaghetti

photo of messy office cabling

Plugs and extension cables are one aspect of electricity which is being treated with too much disdain.

“Cable spaghetti” refers to the tangling of cables resulting from poor cable management in homes and the workplace. Often, this will result in damage to the cables and/or the plugs and/or the sockets. Adding fuel to the fire, cable management in offices and the home is virtually non-existent, and overloading of power points is rife.

Inspect plug points and wall sockets in your plants as well as in the offices. Look behind and under desks and cupboards. Check the condition, location and accessibility of the plugs and wires. Pay attention to how close to water they are!


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