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If you do just one thing a month to change the safety mind-set, in one year you will have done 12 things to raise safety awareness. Here’s a fun, yet insightful, activity to test safety awareness.

You’re on Candid Camera!

Safety means that only authorised and competent people
are allowed to enter your premises.

picture depicting film with text Smile you're on candid camera

Let a stranger walk around your premises / plant in an ‘unsafe’ and unacceptable manner, but without taking any risks or endangering anyone. For example, without the correct PPE and blatantly clothed like a hippie or hobo. Have a chaperone keep a watch over him/her, unobtrusively, as if you were filming for “Candid Camera”.

Observe by whom and how the stranger is challenged.
If possible, take video clips of interactions so that you can use them for training purposes in future.

Put out a companywide brief afterwards, explaining the purpose of the exercise and the observations, especially giving recognition to those individuals who took up the challenge of confronting the stranger!

Be sure to have someone on hand to calm things down should a confrontation turn nasty.


As always, I welcome your comments and feedback!

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