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Ok, so this tip is not about changing a safety mind-set or raising safety awareness. This month I change focus slightly to ask you to spare a thought for our environment. On my mind is the often undetected, uncorrected and, dare I say it, often ignored, waste of one of our most precious resources.

THIS MONTH:    Fix Those Leaks

Some months ago, I was shocked when I received a municipal bill with a whopping charge for water usage. It was over 5 times my normal usage! That’s when I discovered that the water mains had sprung a leak. That sneaky little pin hole cost me over R6000!

picture of leaks being fixed

Every drop of water, every puff of steam, every whistle of compressed air, every spot of oil leaked, is directly damaging the environment because it is a waste of energy. Period. I’m sure I need not mention that, apart from the wasted energy, it is also a waste of money, cutting into profits.

For most large factories and mines, employing a leak inspector, whose sole remit is to locate leaks and have them fixed promptly, is worth every penny. Not only will doing so mean less waste of scarce water resources, but that person’s salary will be more than compensated for by savings on water bills.


picture of drop of water for bullet pointThere are standard engineering tables available that can be used to calculate the volume of water lost via such leaks. Use them and convert the figures into money. Prepare to be astounded by the magnitude of the figure.

picture of drop of water for bullet pointEmploy a Leak Inspector and add this form of waste to your monthly management reporting.

picture of drop of water for bullet pointHave a regular leak detection and reporting “blitz” on your environmental calendar.


picture of Leaky Pipes g-a-m-e showing link where it can be downloaded

Lots of bursting pipes which you have to hustle to patch. It’s fast-paced. It’s addictive. Download the game to get in on the leak-fixing action.
Sorry. No quicklink for this download. Use your search engine.


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