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If you do just one thing a month to change the safety mind-set, in one year you will have done 12 things to raise safety awareness. Every month you will receive one such SAFETY TIP.

THIS MONTH:    Is This A Circus?

Red and white plastic ‘candy stripe’ tape is being widely used when doing maintenance work and excavations. The idea is to warn people of the danger, but in most cases, it is also used as a barricade. This provides a false sense of security as the tape is NOT a barricade.

To prevent people from falling into, or from reaching the exposed danger area, put up a rigid barricade, together with the candy stripe tape.

Do a “blitz” on your operations and locate areas where the tape is being used. Old, faded tape indicates a temporary, ‘under construction’ situation which has become permanent or been forgotten. Take along your digital camera and record both the good and the ugly.

Jurgen Tietz - candy stripe tape

Provide feedback at meetings and to individuals about the need for effective barricades.


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