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If you do just one thing a month to change the safety mind-set, in one year you will have done 12 things to raise safety awareness. Are you ready for this month’s challenge?

                               (and with your ears, of course)

Children often say to their parents: “You are not listening” and they speak the truth, because often we are not listening – our minds are busy with other, seemingly more important, matters.

picture depicting schoolboard with writing Watch + Listen = Learn

Listening, really listening to see, means listening with your ears and your eyes. Listening means giving your undivided attention to what the other person says. Listening means asking questions to better understand, while at the same time making eye contact and showing the other person that we are serious about hearing what they have to say.

Walk Your Talk SHE VIP Footprint

Listening to see is more than sitting in a boardroom and taking note of a report or feedback (although it is necessary there too). It is being on your feet, on the shop floor, asking “show me so I can see what you are talking about”. Listening to see is being a VIP – Visible, Involved and Pro-active, managing on your feet rather than on your seat. That’s the way to discover what really matters so as to be able to “get the cookies out of the door”. You can look at figures and statistics as much as you like, but there is nothing which inspires your team more than you showing genuine interest in their problems, projects, products or whatever they are doing, right there where the rubber hits the road.

I carry a note book and pen in my shirt pocket, because when I take out my booklet and pen and start making notes, the people around me can see I am taking their talk seriously. It also tells them that I am going to take action. (Be warned – just taking notes and not taking whatever action is expected / necessary will do more harm than good!)


  • Make *listen to see* a habit by setting aside a fixed time every week to be a VIP. Ask questions. Ask “show me”. Show genuine interest and care – respond, recognise, reaffirm action and share your dream, the values and the path forward.
  • Make your workplace a Human Workplace by frequently asking every one of your workmates “What’s up? What’s new? How can I help?”


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