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Jul 2017


To chase away the winter blues

Picture: Chakalaka

Need to revive safety thinking, whilst chasing away the winter blues?
Try this [1].

How the Safety Chakalaka idea works

Ideally, “earning” the ingredients for your chakalaka shouldn’t take longer than one month, so pick a simple recipe that ties in with your site / theme.

The week before you “launch” your safety Chakalaka, share the list of ingredients with everyone so they can start thinking about this.

Then, every Tuesday and Thursday (or any other days that work for you), pick one ingredient at random.

For example, if you pick carrots on Tuesday, then participants have until Thursday to come up with 20 safety tips relating to that ingredient. Once you have 20 tips, carrots have been “earned” and you can add them to your stew. On Thursday, you pick another ingredient to be earned by the next Tuesday, and so on.

When you have all the ingredients, cook up a delicious chakalaka to accompany your pap and meat so that everyone is able to enjoy a nice hot bowl of safety chakalaka stew!

Example of chakalaka ingredients for a construction site:

Cabbage : lifting techniques
Onions : slips, trips, falls
Carrots : scaffolding
Red/green peppers : ladders
Baked beans : permit to work
Tomato purée : lock out & isolation
Garlic : PPE (personal protective equipment)
Chillies : working at heights

These can be adapted to your site or a theme of your choice, such as Road Safety, Office Safety, Working in Enclosed Spaces, Excavations.

The possible variations on the Safety Chakalaka are limited only by your imagination!
So … get stewing and feel free to share with me the pics / write-ups of how you implemented the Safety Chakalaka idea at your operation.

[1]  Concept used by permission: Hawk, Richard. Make Safety Fun. (Adapted from “Safety Stew” winning idea by Ann Knapp, March 2015.)

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