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Feb 2016

I have two words for you this month:  commit   and   deliver 

Set a Date
… if you’re serious

graphic showing a date circled on a calendar and importance

If you haven’t announced a date, you’re not serious. It is like your wedding date, period!

Pick a date. It can be in the future. But … too far in the future and we’ll all know that you’re merely stalling / buying time. Too soon and we’ll know you are not serious either. Set a realistic date, a date everyone can live with and that you can meet. That is all others expect of you!

If your project can’t pass this simple acid test, it’s not a project.

Deliver on the date you committed to, regardless of external factors that may interfere. Deliver it even if you don’t think it’s perfect. You picked the date. You should be waiting at the altar!

Now, don’t go overboard and pick a date for every little item on your list. Get your priorities right and then pick a date for those few critical and important items or projects. Be professional. Be a staatmaker [1]. Once you’ve set a date, never miss that date! Remember, your wedding.

One more thing. If you’re dependent on others for your ‘set date’, then get their commitment by asking them by when you can expect their input and then hold them accountable!

[1]    staatmaker = mainstay or stalwart


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