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GUPTA Lessons

Wedding debacle GUPTA lessons

(for Leadership)

As leaders, there is much we can learn from the recent GUPTA wedding debacle.

GUPTA = Generally Underestimated People Taking Action

  1. If you want to catch people’s attention, do something creative, unique and novel with lots of passion. Treat your people like VIP’s. You don’t have to charter a plane, use a blue light circus, or hire the Lost Palace at Sun City.
  2. Even with all the money in the world, you still have to follow protocols, policies and procedures. You cannot just “do things on the fly”.
  3. Involve all the right people, plan it properly and communicate with everyone affected, in writing. It’s about team work!
  4. Your people are watching you 24/7. Your leadership microphone is never switched off. Your followers judge you by what they can see = your behaviour and ACTIONS.
  5. ACTIONS have consequences. People choose to do, or not to do, something. People choose to take chances or short cuts.
  6. If we are serious about it, the truth will eventually come out.
  7. Kungumsebenzi wami“. Take responsibility for your actions, including your decisions. Don’t blame others. Have the guts to own up and face the music. You earn respect by saying: “I made a mistake and I am accountable for that”.
  8. As a leader, you have to account for the actions and behaviour of your followers. Don’t just ‘punish’ the officials or workers involved. What about their superiors?
  9. ACT fast and be fair. If it is possible to salvage the situation, then do so and give feedback to your people.
  10. Learn the lessons from your mistakes and share these openly. Making a mistake is human, but repeating the same mistake is stupidity – which cannot be cured.



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