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Sep 2016

Today, I have 2 matters which I wish to speak about, so I will keep each one short, but that is by no means an indication of the importance that I attach to both.


1.  Running Water

Picture: water


Recently, we spent a week at a private game lodge, in the tented camp, right in the middle of the bushveld. It was a most enriching experience for us to be able to get back to nature. The peace and quiet of the bush really makes one appreciate the environment. At this time of the year, especially during current times of drought, the veld is dry and the ground hungry for water, but the rains are still far away.

We had access to water in a can and hand basin, as well as a shower, although it provided only a low-pressure trickle of water. We were pleasantly surprised at how much less water one uses under these circumstances. This experience gave me a new appreciation for how precious water really is in this country. Many of us who have running water take it for granted and forget how easy it is to abuse water usage as a result!


Look at where you are using running water.
Apart from doing the basics required by law, what can you do NOW to save water?  These are things we should be doing all the time for the future sustainability of our planet, not only when there is a drought or low-rain situation.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this list of more than 100 ways to save water.  There are bound to be at least a few suggestions there that you haven’t thought of / implemented yet!


2.  Conference: Women in Rail and Safety


I highly recommend this ‘golden’ (or should I say ‘purple’?) opportunity for all women who receive my safety tips, as well as all of you who employ women in a safety role!

The speaker lineup and content has me thinking about sneaking into the venue and taking up a low profile, back row seat.

Picture: Women in Rail and Safety Conference 2016: covering workplace human factors of (1) shift work and its effects on women, (2) obesity, (3) lifestyle diseases, (4) functional capacity, (5) overall health and wellness, (6) cracked glass ceiling, (7) professionalism and ethics, (8) surviving in a male-dominated environment, (9) dealing with workplace harassment as a safety issue, (10) health and safety in the workplace.

For details and registration, you can look at the article on SHEQAfrica. Contact names and details are provided there.


Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

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