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“Getting to Zero”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Help fight the fight

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From the title of my post, you can see I’m not going to mince words today.

At last count, South Africa still has the highest number of people living with HIV in the world. Those people and their families face challenges that you and I cannot begin to fully understand.

The numbers of new infections are not decreasing as one would hope and expect.

In line with the UN’s cry of “Put People First” and “Close the Gap”, one of the key transmission prevention strategies is education.

I have developed the NO CONDOM NO COOKIEGoodie Box. In essence, it is a package that aims to raise awareness, encourage testing and promote safe behaviours in a challenging, fun, yet educational, way.


It’s going to take each and every one of us to do our bit to further the cause of “Getting to Zero”.

Exercise your Corporate Social Responsibility. And not just for World AIDS Day – although that’s a great place to start / re-energise programmes.


Be a Smart Cookie.

Make a difference in the lives of your employees and their communities.

Introduce a new idea that is
fantastic VALUE and
calls for ACTION!

Get the No Condom No CookieGoodie Box for your employees.

Don’t stop there.
Sponsor them for your local high schools, clinics and similar places in your communities.

picture of No Condom No Cookie AIDS Goodie Box contents

This Do-It-Yourself AIDS Education Kit contains AIDS Awareness cookies, posters, keyrings with condom compartments, info-lets and more.
PLUS … there are various content options available and quantity discounts too!

Together, we can make a difference.

Find out more


Which Rock Are YOU Under?“, Cindy Pivacic

The World Health Organisation’s information on HIV / AIDS

AIDS Foundation of South Africa

TAC: Treatment Action Campaign

Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Regional Exchange portal (SHARE)

World AIDS Day 2015 in the UK


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