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ANC (Always Neat Cover-up) LESSONS


I don’t want to go into the politics of Nkandla, as there are already so many (in)competent politicians and sideline spectators commenting on this fiasco. Thuli has done the detailed investigation and has put the cat amongst the pigeons.

There are, however, some basic lessons to be learned from the Nkandla debacle with respect to Safety Improvement Plans. What Nkandla is highlighting for us is the lack of 101 in Project Planning, or to put it differently, how not to run and manage your safety improvement efforts.

a view of Nkandla

A useful checklist to ensure you don’t end up with your own Nkandlagate:

  • Do you have a detailed Safety Improvement Plan in place and are you, in fact, using it?
  • Are the overall objectives of your plan crystal clear and have they been translated into requirements, together with constraints, dimensions and limitations? Do you really need a chicken run, cattle kraal or swimming pool to improve (your) safety?
  • Have you done the 4R‘s test of goal setting?
  • Is the plan broken down in clear and detailed steps / milestones and sub-projects?
  • Have you done a  R-A-C-I  for your plan?
    • Are the Responsibilities clearly defined and accepted for each of these sub-projects?
    • Who ultimately owns / is Accountable and given full Einspruchsrecht**, especially those who have a vested interest in the outcome?
    • Have all the stake holders of the plan been Consulted for the plan – where does the buck stop?
    • Have all those who are affected by or involved in the implementation of the plan been Informed about the W-W-W-W-W-H**?
  • Is there ongoing review of progress against milestones, including cost reviews, so that timely action can be taken to rectify deviations from the plan?

** Einspruchsrecht  =  The right to partake in decisions which affect you.
** W-W-W-W-W-H  =  What, Why, When, Where, Who, How


Review your Safety Improvement Plan (and other plans too) against the above six steps to avoid an Nkandlagate in your safety department.


Your feedback and comments are always welcome! Drop me a line!

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