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Jul 2012

In this series, I share with you my thoughts on Why Safety Is An Issue For Most Companies, or, putting it differently, Things We Must Address If We Want To Improve Our Safety Performance. This month we tackle some safety myths.


10 Myths About Safety

Picture: True or False?


There are many misconceptions and myths about safety. Often these are deeply held beliefs which lead to safety being an issue.

I still maintain that the secret to safety hinges on balancing these 3 pillars: Systems, Equipment and People with the most important pillar being People, because it is people who, with the right attitude, make safety work. It is people, right from design, through training, operations, maintenance, logistics, … , the whole life cycle, including leadership. This is where the complexity lies.

The Myths

  1. Safety is something we have to teach people.
  2. Everyone is concerned about their own safety – it’s not rocket science.
  3. People only take chances if they have to.
  4. Safety is a work related issue.
  5. Safety is part of our company’s core values.
  6. Safety is not an issue for people working in an office.
  7. Systems can fix safety problems.
  8. Safety can be managed in meetings.
  9. Safety must be managed – systemize it, police / policy it, standardize it, computerize it, hoax and coax it.
  10. We need to hold our peoples’ hands.

Get the full article, which explains why all of the above are indeed myths:



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