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In this series, I share with you my thoughts on Why Safety Is An Issue For Most Companies and the Things We Must Address If We Want To Improve Our Safety Performance.
    WARNING    Make sure you’re sitting down for this one.


(How easy are we making safety?)

building sign for Edenvale branch

I love SARS!   Actually, I love interacting with SARS by going to their offices in Edenvale or using their eFiling system. Yes I know, SARS means that I have to pay, but they make me feel like a valued customer they want to see back for ‘repeat’ business – quite unlike the experiences which I have in many of the mass retail outlets, where I am treated as if I am a nuisance, standing in a queue.

At SARS I get treated with respect and my issues are taken seriously, with a genuine effort to satisfy my needs. From Luthando at the reception, allocating my ticket for the audio visual queuing system, to Zandi the tax consultant, verifying my details and doing an online query. There is also a notice, offering assistance with filling in the tax forms for you. I get an email / SMS notification when there is a tax issue I need to deal with. It is truly an absolute pleasure dealing with the SARS staff.

How easy are you making safety for your people?

Do you see them as clients to whom you are providing a service?
Do you treat them as if they are customers who have a choice regarding where they can buy their safety services from?
Do you offer assistance with filling out safety incident reports?
Do you have a hassle free help line in their first language?
Do you talk and listen to the people?
How open is your door and does the mat at the feet say “Welcome” / “Vho tanganedzwa” / “Wamukelekile” / “Welkom” ?

Or … are you too busy with processes, procedures, policies, papers, posters, reports and compliance audits?


  • I challenge you to take this question seriously by asking people, at all levels, including the ‘key customers’ (line managers), how they feel about the service you are providing to them.
  • Ask people, especially at the shop floor, what they understand about the different safety concepts, ratios and safety lingo.
  • Ask your ‘key customers’: “How can I HELP”?

Take a leaf out of SARS’ book.
Make taking safety seriously easy for your people.


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