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Apr 2016

See It, Believe It, Do it

(Awareness, Trust, Action)

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Getting results in safety is not about only one thing – it’s about three things:
People need to see safety and they need to believe in safety before they will do safety.
Actually, safety is about four things, because to believe someone, you have to trust that person.

To see is to create awareness. Usually this is done via awareness posters, toolbox talks, even walk-abouts or audits. But this doesn’t necessarily translate into action or a change in behaviour.

So, getting people to believe in safety is more complicated. It requires trust and respect. Trust comes from experience, from word of mouth, from promises fulfilled. Respect is given after actions are observed.

Trust is earned.
Respect is given.
Loyalty is demonstrated.

Betray any one of those and you lose all three.

Awareness and trust lead to action.

And action is what happens when someone actually goes and votes, or buys something, or shows up, or talks about it. And action is as complex as trust. Action requires overcoming the status quo, action means that someone has dealt with the many fears that come with change and felt that fear and still done something.” [1]


Do you believe you can make a difference in safety?
Do you believe it is worth the effort?
What are you doing to earn the trust of your fellow workers and the respect of your leaders?
Are you taking action, or is the lure of “later” (procrastination) holding you back?

[1]    “Awareness, Trust and Action


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