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make time SIMPLY SMART

— a la Teddy
Safety plan

Today’s SAFETY TIP marks the beginning of a series of articles inspired by something the American president, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, said:

“Do what you can, when you can, with what you have, where you are.”

The purpose of the articles is to give struggling-but-eager SHE professionals and practitioners, who are working for financially-constrained companies, pointers on how to get the safety awareness message across to both management and workers, on a shoestring budget.

The first step to achieving anything has to be: ELIMINATE THE EXCUSES.

Insufficient TIME and MONEY are the 2 main excuses for NOT doing
“what needs to be done, when we can, with what we have, and where we are”

Think these are valid excuses? Let’s see:

We HAVE control over TIME. We CHOOSE if we want to spend time on something that is IMPORTANT to us by MAKING TIME for it – by spending a portion of the 24 hours we are given afresh every day on it.
(Consider a life-threatening situation – we will make time to survive.)
The same goes for MONEY. Even the person living in a “mkhukhu” (squatter hut) CHOOSES to spend a portion of the little he/she has on that which is important to him/her.
(Often it is a cell phone because being able to stay in touch with others is important enough.)
So, when it comes to SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE:
to do those things
which do not cost a fortune
…. what I call The 10 ‘P’ Items.

I will be taking you through each ‘P’ over the next few months, so STAY TUNED!

If you would like a copy of the EXCUSE LIST, you can request it here,
using “Excuse List” in the SUBJECT.

I enjoy hearing from you, so do share your thoughts with me on this subject here.
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