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Safety Tip #1 in the series


The purpose of this series is to give struggling-but-eager SHE professionals and practitioners, who are working for financially-constrained companies, pointers on how to get the safety awareness message across to both management and workers, on a shoestring budget.

Today’s topic, PREVENTION, highlights the importance of cultivating the right ATTITUDE towards safety in order to change BEHAVIOUR.

i.e. it’s easier (and cheaper) to prevent incidents than to fix the consequences

The MIRROR TECHNIQUE is a powerful tool for building this mindset in a non-intimidating way, when used in a manner that encourages openness and disclosure, rather than policing and punishment.

It is a technique that relies on POP – the Power of Photos!

Digital photography is an easy, instant and cheap way of making people SEE and take ACTION.

I use the mirror technique by taking photos:

  • of the GOOD, the bad and the ugly – a balanced mix;
  • starting with personal work spaces, like offices, workshops, cupboards, toolboxes, hand tools, canteens, chairs, bottles, etc;
  • of no-man’s-land, like stores, waste and effluent collection areas, etc.
Take photos of the good, the bad, the ugly

Using a camera is not new. The trick lies in how the photos are used. Merely posting them on a notice board or publishing them in a newsletter has little effect and is a waste of time. SOMEONE has to accept responsibility for the photo – i.e. take ownership for ensuring the required change / improvement is made.

This is best done in an open feedback session, but make sure it is balanced with the GOOD and that there is no SHAMING and BLAMING taking place.
This will move people into ACTION, like Theuns in the story of “Theuns' and Mandla's Contract”.

If you would like a (free) copy of the story “Theuns’ & Mandla’s Contract”,
you can request it here.
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