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Safety Tip #4 in the series


The purpose of this series is to give struggling-but-eager SHE professionals and practitioners, who are working for financially-constrained companies, pointers on how to get the safety awareness message across to both management and workers, on a shoestring budget.

Today’s topic, PEOPLE, highlights your role and the benefits of involving your HIDDEN RESOURCES in your walk-abouts.

Involve the relevant people when doing your walk abouts.

DO NOT disempower the people who should own safety by leaving them out of the equation. They should look, see and hear what you are seeing – the GOOD, bad and ugly. How else are you going to get them to accept responsibility for taking ACTION? Otherwise you end up with a culture of “let’s wait for the report / list of things they found wrong” and thus no commitment.

Your role (Prevention and Pro-active) is to influence, advise, encourage / motivate and lend a pair of fresh eyes / ears.


The hidden resources are the SHE Reps. They can play a vital, value adding role to your safety efforts and the walk-abouts are one of the best ways to give them ‘on the job training’. Just imagine, if you had another 50, 100 or even 300 switched-on, contributing (preferably pro-active) safety resources!

Involving all has the benefit of a low-cost learning experience for your SHE Reps, and, with more eyes actively “seeing”, more opportunities for PREVENTION!

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