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Safety Tip #7 in the series


The purpose of this series is to give struggling-but-eager SHE professionals and practitioners, who are working for financially-constrained companies, pointers on how to get the safety awareness message across to both management and workers, on a shoestring budget.

Today’s topic, PLAN, is a reminder that “FAILING TO PLAN = PLANNING TO FAIL” and that “THINK SAFETY” means keeping safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Production people are thinking about producing / output.
Engineers are thinking about designing and fixing stuff.
Logistics people are thinking about delivering the right stuff on time.

That is their number 1 priority, and for them, Safety, Health & Environmental impact are at the bottom of their list.


SAFETY at forefront of mind

♦ it is not rocket science, but a MINDSET
   ♦ it is keeping safety TOP-OF-MIND in all we do or use, from design to operation
   ♦ it is THINKING about the consequences of our actions
♦ it is not driving safety in a re-active manner – reacting to accidents and incidents
   ♦ it is about PRO-ACTIVE PLANNING for ONGOING safety improvements
   ♦ it is about a Plan on how to do it SAFER, BETTER, CHEAPER
The best plans are those that are
drawn up and owned by the people who will implement the actions.
back of matchbox safety plan
Better to have a back-of-the-match-box or
written-on-a-serviette plan, which is
        ♦ alive and well
        ♦ being worked on and implemented
than to have the grand affair forced onto people from above
        ♦ ending up full of dust and out of date
        ♦ in the bottom drawer of a cabinet.

           Always ask   ♦ Where is YOUR Safety Improvement Plan?
           Always ask   ♦ Who OWNS it?
           Always ask   ♦ Can I SEE it?
“Uithaal en Wys” is what counts, not a lot of “yada-yada”

If you want my doc on “HOW TO KEEP SAFETY TOP-OF-MIND”, you can request it here.
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