Life EduAction – Out of Africa

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Our future – especially in Africa – is all about education.

But without the action it leads us nowhere!

This book teaches the life skills and techniques for doing both


… motivating people to become active

Dear visitor,

This 3rd edition has seen the book change its name from “Anecdotes on Life Skills – Out of Africa” to a new title which, in my opinion, far better reflects what the book is about and my hopes for what readers will gain from it. A few extra chapters have been added, and I have brought the reader up to date with what has happened in my career since I first wrote it. It is my sincere wish that each reader will put this book to full use, since I believe that   “The only reason we have anything is to share it. Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.”


An ACTION Testimonial ... SENMIN gave each site manager a copy of Jurgen Tietz' book on Peopology

Photo: SENMIN gave each of their site managers a copy of Life EduAction

“I should let you know that I enjoy opening any page and reading a section, which brings up a kind of message for the day.” 
Tumi Tsehlo

“… very excellent book! … I could not put it down.” 
Pieter Botha

“… with the bit I have managed to see in your book, I feel I need to spend more time with it, and I think it will be one of my best investments to make for myself.” 
Metse Mphelo

“Thank you very much for the gift of your book, apologies for this late response. It is due to my bad habit of complete task orientation. From the short perusal of your book this morning it will assist me in finally beating this bad habit of mine. I really appreciate the gift and all the excellent work that you have done at our operations. As you probably know, I deal with hundreds of consultants and there is but a handful that understand / ascribe to the principle of good faith. It is a privilege to know somebody like you with whom one can interact and do business in good faith and trust.”
Joe Schoeman

“If you really want perspective on how to deal with day to day issues and also want to enhance your self esteem & broaden your horizon I recommend you buy yourself this book. I won it in a competition and am halfway through it. The problem is that it is so “d**n” interesting that you can’t put it down. The references are also something you will not find easily.”
Theo Fourie

“I have finished reading your book. Cover to cover. I am not a great fan of these types of books … your book, on the other hand, I tremendously enjoyed and read effortlessly. I loved the invitation to use a pen and a highlighter and really liked the way you structured the book – like reading a short story compilation. Your humour adds flavour and life. The summaries at the end of each chapter help to put a frame around what you are saying and I took the liberty of adding my own notes and references. Every time I thought you were going soft on us, the educator shines through “tough as nails”, compassionate but strict. I felt like I was spending time with you. Thank you.”
Petra Bierberg

” … I am enjoying your book “Life EduAction” immensely and often refer to it for guidance in tough situations.”
Chris Oosthuizen

“Excellent book that I will treasure for years to come!”
Trevor McAdam

“A love for people and simple lessons from industry and life. A vast field with an astonishing variety of stories. What shines through is the author’s personality and credibility.”
Rod Prior

“The author’s passion for people is obvious. The lessons are profound and he teaches them through interesting stories and in simple language. The skill and discernment that earned him the reward for the ‘Most Practical Ideas’ at an international conference has not eluded him in this honest book.”
Boet Coetzee

“The stories have a “Oom Schalk Lourens vertel” flavour. I found ‘Fight for Your Bones’ to be a deep and very mature piece of work; far more serious than oom Schalk would have been able to ‘vertel’. Throughout the work your honesty and integrity shines through.”
Dr Graham Edwards

“Busy reading your book and enjoying the simplicity of it but what I have come to learn in my short 14 years in the SHE field – it is the simplistic things that are hard to implement …”
Letisha v d Berg

The book makes for a perfect corporate gift or award. Also available to be customised with a foreword of your company’s choice and/or your company logo, subject to quantity ordered.

Enquiries for hard copies or eBook orders can be made here.

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