♥ Valentine’s Day ♥
No Condom No Cookie™ Goodie Box

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Be a Smart Cookie this Valentine’s Day.

picture showing Jurgen's AIDS Awareness Cookie

Make a difference in the lives of your employees and their communities.

Introduce a new idea that is
fantastic VALUE and
calls for ACTION!

larger picture showing contents of No Condom No Cookie AIDS Awareness Kit

No Condom No Cookie™ is a synergistic package concept. It is a challenge-to-action in a goodie box.

This Valentine’s Day Special Edition contains an A3 Awareness Poster, 60 educational AIDS info-lets and 60 gift bags, each of which includes:

AIDS ribbon bullet pointa gift tag with a Valentine’s Day message

AIDS ribbon bullet pointan AIDS Awareness Cookie with educational AIDS message insert

AIDS ribbon bullet pointa red condom in a No Condom No Cookie™ pocket

AIDS ribbon bullet pointa chocolate heart

AIDS ribbon bullet pointa No Condom No Cookie™ sticker

♥     ♥     ♥

These goodies are designed to work together:

The message inside the cookie, used in conjunction with the info-let, is educational.   The coloured condom & pocket with No Condom No Cookie™ logo encourage safe behaviour. In combination with the chocolate and the sticker, these serve to raise awareness in a novel, fun and unforgettable manner.

The Goodie Boxes are available at quantity discount prices too. So …

and do your bit by sponsoring No Condom No Cookie™ Goodie Boxes for your employees, local high schools, clinics and similar places in your communities this Valentine’s Day.

picture showing No Condom No Cookie logo

ps. The complete No Condom No Cookie™ Goodie Box is also available for conventional awareness and training purposes.

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